Born and raised in the foothills of colorful Colorado, I am blessed to live in Boulder with my righteous husband, his two on the doorstep of adulthood kids, and our two cats. I enjoy a good cup of tea, being with nature, my loved ones, and the mysteries of the deep. My life is simple and dedicated to being in service to the wholeness that resides in all things.

I believe healing is possible. On the deepest levels. My own life and soul-call are a testament to this truth.

I have journeyed far and wide, both within and without, curious about the nature of our human experience and training at the foot at the Mystery. I have come to know that the spark of aliveness and health is intact in all living things and, when we contact that spark, the possibilities are endless.

My path began at a very young age with undiagnosed challenges that   led to a life of having to turn my attention toward my physical, psychoemotional and spiritual healing. I had a series of body casts and operations, from the ages of two to fifteen, to correct bi-lateral congenital hip dislocation. Grace gave me then and has continued to give me the gift of navigating my pain and suffering in a multitude of ways that have brought me continued relief, health, mastery and wholeness. I’ve unburdened and unshackled myself from pain, limitation and dense, crippling ways of being. My journey has also put me in deep relationship with layers of ancestral, cultural, and societal pain and transformation. As I unfold in my own process of becoming, I am evermore initiated into my work.

Through this, and through the many years of sitting with others in their own process of becoming, I have come to know that pain, suffering, the most unbearable experience itself and all that I have to do to manage it is not who I am: it is what happened to me. Untouched by this pain, pure, unaltered, and intact through it all there is something whole and alive, capable of embracing everything. And, ultimately (every time!) the things I call pain are what my life experience delivered me in order to perfectly unlock the gifts I have for the world. So, I continue to learn, evermore, my gifts in articulating and sensitively tracking the human process of becoming. Meeting intensity without shying away from its fearsome threats. Midwifing wholeness.

I truly believe that my life is just a version of all lives: that who we are is not defined by what has happened to us. There is a purity, an aliveness and a wholeness that is utterly intact in this moment and has been present throughout it all. We don’t need to  do  or  not do  something in order for that to be true. What has happened in your life, or what is happening now, is the exact mystery to perfectly unfold you into the greater knowing of who you are and why you are here. In my story, it is a miracle that I can walk and that my pain has been in service of so much health. But the real miracle is that I can actually engage my life in a way that embraces it all: that I can say and live Yes in response to my life, rather than turn away in resistance.

Most of us meet some version of tragedy in our lives: through traumatic experience, unmet needs in the family system, the multitude of losses and pains humans experience. Each of our unique stories are the exact blueprint for our greatest unfolding. The story you have lived never gets to be a different story, but how you relate to that story and how you move from that story as a platform into life, that can change. I feel myself as a living transmission of the reality that Healing Can Happen.

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