There is some good work going on in the world!

Yoga Loft :

Kaiut Yoga: and

Mary White: Heart-Centered Meditation

Core Synchronism:

Karen Hawkwood: Astrological Life Coaching

Jeff Howard: good psychotherapist

Amy Philip: Integrative Massage Therapy

Erin Love: Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing

Mary Marsden: Soul Guide and Wilderness therapy

Jennie Gershater-Lopez: The Artistry of Remembering Body Centered Healing Arts 303-827-4278

Christiane Pelmas: Rewilding, Erotic Intelligence, Couples

Sweigh Spilkin: Therapist, Healer, Spiritual tools and Trauma Education

Katie Asmus: Therapist, Wilderness Guide, Ceremonialist, Educator

Melissa Michaels and Golden Bridge: Youth Work, Movement Based Rites-of-Passage programs

Gangaji: Spiritual Teacher

Young Living Essential Oils:

Somatic Archaeology: Ruby Gibson


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