treeimage-300x179Each session is uniquely designed and co-created around the specific needs of you, the client, each time you come in. To begin we spend some time in dialog, exploring what is at the heart of the current matter and setting an intention for the work. Most often the work happens on the table with your clothes on. While on the table, I might direct you toward connecting with your breath, sensation and an awareness of your present experience. I might offer a reflection or a reading of what is going on in your system; it is my interest that you have a direct experience with anything that we explore. Your questions, observations and insights fuel the session and your transformation. I will make contact with your head, your spine, and your body, assisting the energy and patterns in your system to release, realign and come more into balance. Your experience of this can range from deep relaxation or sometimes even a light nap, to sensations in your body of temperature change, or tingling or weight change, to recollection of memory and the piecing together of the fabric of your biography, to deep energetic or emotional catharsis. Whatever arises in the session has space to be unearthed, sequenced and integrated. As you are the map, the destination and the journeyer in this domain, dialogue is aimed at deepening your relationship with and experience of your Self.

An initial session includes an intake process where I gather your biographical information and any other information that would assist our work together. I am most specifically interested in what brings you into my office at this junction in your life: are you in transition, seeking to change patterns or habits or addictions in your life, healing from a recent or past loss or traumatic experience, or are you interested in knowing yourself on ever more subtle and deep layers of your being? How are you presently suffering and how do you imagine your life would be different if you were not suffering in this way? Some of the things that I may ask you about are: your present life situation, i.e., relationships, hobbies, your energy levels through a day, how you sleep, eat, digest and experience yourself in your body, including any aches and pains you have or recent or ongoing injuries; events in your life that have deeply colored your experience (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’), especially events that have been traumatic: accidents, surgeries, violation, abuse, neglect, etc.; it is helpful for me to know a little about your experience of being in your family, and your understanding of any ancestral patterns. I also work with your birth story and your experience of incarnating into this life path.

After a session it is advised that you have some time to rest or be with yourself, so that the work can integrate. If you find that you feel wiped out or exhausted, this is not unusual; take a rest and let the lack of dust settle. Alternatively, if you find you feel enlivened after a session, utilize this freed energy! It is always advised that you drink lots of good water, eat good foods and be in good company after a session. Occasionally ‘homework’ is offered, these things can serve in deepening your experience of the work and supporting you outside the sessions to continue your journey.
Be advised that this work will change your life.

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