There is nothing in this world more magical than the moment of conception. Conception. The literal moment in space in time when out of nothing, something is born. Conception is happening at all times, everywhere, on all levels. Right now this miracle is taking place within your own body as the pulses of Life that beats your heart into rhythm, right now this spark exists everywhere. It is a phenomena of this universe. It is the inception of all that we know. It is emptiness into form.

A seed must be planted in order to grow. Prior to being planted it lays in the field of potentiality. We are much the same. For about a period of 10 days in the development of human the zygote floats freely through the fallopian tube. Conception has happened (the seed), but this seed cannot grow into a human until it has been planted into the uterine wall. It is this process of conception into implantation through gestation that allows for the growth and development of your human body.

The terrain that you were planted into impacted in every single way who you became.

Just as seeds change the chemistry  and dynamics of the environment that they are planted in, the implantation of your first cells into your mother’s uterine wall changed her body.

I think that something similar happens at the level of Soul in our beings. That the Soul, like a seed, is implanted into the body. Into the human form. Or the animal form… or whatever form Soul has the capacity to take. And much like the seed interacting with the earth, or the zygote interacting with the womb, the Soul and the Body experience each other. Shape each other. Make each other.

In the Teachings, it is discussed that the Ego is formed through the original experiences of severing from the experience of Oneness into the realm of Duality. This is the “original sin”, the “fall from grace”, the “core wound”. And it happens to every human (as far as I can tell). It is part of the alchemy of Spirit into the h\Human form. An inherent part of the blue print. Unavoidable. Inevitable. Essential. (I do not know if it happens for other sentient creatures; certainly it does not in the same way, i.e. the created identification of selfhood as recognition of one’s own existence: the ego.)

I experience the ego as the Husk of the Soul Seed. A seed must have a husk. The husk keeps the seed protected. It keeps the spark of potentiality safe. It creates an inside where things can remain pure, and an outside. It is the mechanism that manages duality.*

The birth and development of the Soul happens on many many levels through many experiences in our lives. One of the first tasks of being truly Soul-Centered in life, is to come to know the conditions within which the husk of your Soul Seed will soften and the nutrients of Life all around will be able to alchemize with the particular constituents contained within that seed. When this happens the soul-infused human is born. Every single one of us have this potential.

I believe that if we nurture the Seeds, we are oriented in the right direction. Farmer’s continued crops are not only dependent on a good season, but on good seed for the next season.


“Your soul is not an elusive entity hiding out somewhere within, your soul is the collectively organized life force in every atom, every molecule, every cell of your body. Your soul is the total consciousness of your being. It is the very awareness that animates you, that lets you experience living. Your soul is light, pure light the very Light of Life.” ~Ruby Nelson from The Door of Everything

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