“Megan, time and time again, sees  through to the heart of an issue. Once she has seen the heart, I find I am able to allow my emotions to move through, instead of being stuck inside my body. Megan is loving, yet not enabling, she’s present and not overwhelming, she’s funny yet not glib. She invites the lightest parts of myself and the darkest. No portion of myself….mind, body, spirt are left out or unwelcome. The name of her practice, Soul Seed, is the epitome of her work. My soul is summoned and nourished. I feel alive. I wholeheartedly recommend her. ~E.H.

“I have never experienced such consistently transformative work” ~C.O.

“There has been a remarkable shift. I don’t know how to explain it, but a great healing occurred. The things that bothered me before…don’t bother me in the way they did. I have a greater sense of peace and I feel like it was a true gift.” ~D.R.

“Megan Eggers is a gifted healer and seer. She goes right to the wounds that need healing and can see the stuck patterns in the body that need to be released. I have been working with Megan for over a year. She has helped me tremendously. She’s helped me to reduce stress patterns and anxiety responses. Mostly, Megan has assisted me in creating a sense of deep peace and a feeling of calm and ease. Megan’s work smooths out my nervous system and releases trauma that has been stored there for years. Her work strips away layers of defense patterns in both my nervous system and my energy body. I am now able to live a more free, embodied, healthy, and whole life. In addition to healing on that level, I have felt a profound awakening with Megan’s work. It has helped me take my own personal process and Spiritual growth to a new level. Megan has helped me connect to my authentic Self and connect to Spirit. After a session with Megan I feel more able and adept at finding happiness, freedom and joy. My heart is more open. During this past year with Megan, I have experienced a great transformation into a more satisfying life. Megan has been a true blessing for me.” ~B. B.

“I deeply respect the clarity of Megan’s work and have seen it work gentle miracles in my life. In her sessions I have found just the right combination of clinical therapeutic support, insight and healing touch.” ~ E.L.

“I don’t know how to adequately describe what Meg does; she has so many tools in her tool box. What impresses me most is her integrity, and her amazing, heartfelt presence. She really knows how to show up and be with you with whatever is arising. And she is really interested in the wholeness of a person, and to the tending to all layers and levels of one’s being. She wields a compassionate sword, with so much commitment to and space-holding for one’s ultimate growth and unfolding. I recommend without reservation!” ~N. E.

“Megan is an exceptional therapist, one who brings light and intuition to each session, coupled with a profound knowledge of academic study in the field of psycho-somatic therapies. She has such a wide varity of tools that she has aquired over her journey, I find her to be a powerful yet humble healer, transmiting both her strong will power as well as her gentle feminine essence. I have been graced to come across her in my own journey of self growth and unfolding, and find her to be one of the most effective, real, and wholly-integrated therapists I’ve come across so far in my search (and i’ve come across many!). She is truly a gifted soul.” ~A.F.

“Megan’s unique style and many gifts allow me to relax very deeply in her presence. I always receive amazing insight about myself and my life that I hadn’t seen before. She is quite astute and aware. I greatly look forward to and value my time in Megan’s care. She is a gift not to be missed by anyone. I feel deeply blessed to have her in my life. Megan is a custodian of humanity. She cares for you and about you.” ~S.Z.

“Megan is a phenomenal practitioner that is able to combine profound intuition with pragmatic body work skills that help to not only address but also to move along any issues that come up.” A.S.

“I so honor your gift (past, present, and future) to hold me deeply in a sacred cocoon, nurtured and nourished by your loving presence as I strive toward my transformation and highest unfolding. Each moment is eternal as I rest in the trust of your healing essence guiding me toward greater wholeness, integration and self-love. You are a giver of life, a treasure of kindness and beauty, holding a reflection of all that is possible in the now. I am deeply grateful for your service and your pure heart.” E.D.

“It’s a difficult thing to say, but I do often I say to people, ‘She’s the best therapist in Boulder.’ I have a strong need for my experience during a session (and in my life) to be 1.) accurately reflected back to me and 2.) reflected back in both a clear and compassionate way. I’ve never had anyone so clearly reflect back my experience, as if they knew almost exactly what I was feeling inside, and do it in a way that made me feel so safe. Most importantly, when I come to see you things shift. Bottom line, I go in feeling one way and come out feeling connected to myself, feeling relief from the pain, discomfort or anxiety, at peace and very grateful. I trust that being with you will bring relief, understanding and transformation. I feel my money and time are very well spent.” L.R.

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