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How you have become who you are is no accident. Intelligence is present from the first moments of life. This intelligence has not only a genetic encoding from one’s ancestral lineage, but also a soul encoding, a soul seed: the unique expression that your exact constellation of cells, life force, and meaning is here to live.

People come to me because they are hurting, confused, disconnected from crucial aspects of themselves, feeling lost in their lives. People come to me because they are in transition, committed to transformation, wanting to live well and hungry for more wholeness. Who isn’t?!

I listen to the intelligence and health underneath the struggle and help that to take root.

I am devoted to helping people be human. Unburden. And see themselves in their wholeness. I help release, unwind, relax and support a deeper state of ease within. I invite the presence of your being. I love. I bring light into the darkness and I meet people where they are. I offer my heart and hands, my skillfulness and presence. Here, people often recognize, connect with, and cultivate their sacred impulses, impulses that are gifted from Mystery, impulses that tell us who we are and carry the maps of our purpose and belonging; our soul seeds.

What patterns need consideration? What habits and ways of being are not serving the deeper blueprint of your perfection? Where are you hiding from yourself?

What is your life asking of you? To grow through? To grow into? What wants to live as you? This is what is yours to do, to be, to gift to the world, your deepest work.

My work is to tend to the ground so that you can grow. I like to call myself a Luminary. One who welcomes in the light.


Megan has been engaged in the healing arts since she was a child, receiving deep support through massage and healing touch as she was navigating her own healing and inspiring her own inspirations from a young age. At 14 Megan took a Healing Touch class, and became engaged on a deeper level. Massage school came just after college in 1998. The study continues.

Megan integrates many healing modalities, see a description of techniques below. She sees herself as a witness, a midwife, an assistant, as a facilitator. It is you who Heals. Megan sits as an ally for that force. Through the years, many things have been pursued and studied (Megan’s Path), all of these things inform the work, all of these things point to something deeper that occurs when two come together, intent to bring light and life back into a hurting place. That is magic, and I hope to never know the depth of that mystery


CLICK HERE for more information about Heart-Centered Meditation and Kaiut Yoga


Energy Work

sunEnergy is what moves through the body, the mind, and the heart to animate life and experience. It is what is referred to when we point to the fundamental movement that animates life. Energy is also the dynamic fuel for activity. This activity can be physical movement, mental thought or emotional feeling. When energy is freely and harmoniously moving through the bodymind, there is an experience of congruence and health. As a result of many various factors, energy can get stuck, blocked, condensed or out of balance with the whole. Energy work, in general, assists the universal intelligence of Spirit in restoring balance and harmony in the flow and movement of energy through the bodymind. There are many different forms of ‘energy work’, which are different modalities and techniques that assist the movement and restore the balance. Most all of these forms draw on Universal energy, a freely available renewable resource, and the intelligence and organizing principles of whatever organism is being worked with (person, part of a person, animal, plant, etc.) to the end of restoring health, enhancing experience or deepening awareness.

Core Synchronism

Circle-of-LifeCore Synchronism is a powerful therapeutic modality aimed at restoring the body’s natural synchronistic motion. In a state of health, all parts of the bodymind are harmonized with the motion of the principle life force energy animating the bodymind which may be referred to as the Spirit. This motion appears in the body as the gentle movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, the cycle of ebb and flow that comprises the craniosacral rhythm. Life force energy is communicated through this fluid on the physical level. When each part of the whole is in synchronistic movement with this motion, health, balance and a sense of well being are restored. By synchronizing the tissues, the bones, organs and the myriad etheric structures (i.e. chakra and energy currents) with this core movement, the blocked and stuck patterns of emotion or energy are released and the client’s bodymind aligns more completely and fully with one’s inner experience of this animating life force energy.

To minimize pain, often our bodies go ‘out of synch’ (like limping on a hurt foot). In the long run, these dis-synchronistic patterns can develop into habits and then into ways of being which limit our free movement and expression. We can go out of synch on any level of body, mind, heart, or soul but the Spirit that animates this all is always in alignment with the perfect vibration of light that animated your body. Core synchronism is a fluid mechanical model that restores this fundamental relationship. As with Cranial Sacral Therapy, this is a light-touch modality where corrections are made through the intelligence of your own body, the movement of the cerebro-spinal fluid and intent. For more information on this modality, check out

Cranial Sacral Therapy

5700_photo_cevphuu6gdht4xlrc3n5sh3j5oguoo4tfzqnozlypf2gukfxr27q_850x638Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch bodywork modality that kindles the body’s inherent healing processes by facilitating the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid and the balance and flexibility in craniosacral system. The craniosacral system consists of the bones of the cranium, the sacrum, the fluid and the membrane which cover, protect and bathe the brain and spinal cord. Referred to as ‘the breath of life’ and the most fundamental rhythm in the body, the cerebrospinal fluid circulates in a wave-like motion of ebb and flow, bathing the brain and spinal cord and communicating the subtle energetic movements of spirit to the physical body. By listening to and aligning with this intelligent communication from the deepest element of the physical body, a deep and lasting effect is made on neurological patterning in the body on all levels. The intention is to unwind tension in the craniosacral structures and thus improve the function of the central nervous system and align the body more fully to the aliveness of spirit. As the nervous system function increases, this health and wellbeing affects everything from the ability to handle stress, to more restful and deeper sleep, to better digestion and breathing patterns, and to balancing moods and mental activity. Aligned, fluid craniosacral motion is key in total being harmony.


Body-Centered Psychotherapy

roseBody-Centered Psychotherapy aims to foster embodiment and health through conscious engagement with and participation in the body’s experience. This occurs on developmental, characterological, and relational levels. Body-Centered Psychotherapy is an art as well as a psychology. There is a basic understanding of the body in relation to psychological constructs as well as a consideration that each experience is organic and intelligent in its own way which contributes to the unique organization of each individual. If each construct that limits the experience of the self as pure and coming from love, is itself is an attempt to maintain, protect or sustain that love, at the core, every psychological defense, character structure or developmental hang up is at the core a healthy response. These manifestations are not only psychological, emotional or relational ~ they also manifest on the body level as contractions, numbness or condensation of experience. These phenomena are the roadmap, the sign posts and the guidance back to the original impulse of health. A body-centered approach to psychotherapy includes the body, sensation, emotion, breath and movement into the psychotherapeutic process. By accessing the storehouse of the body and following sensation, past experience can be easily unearthed and resolved without long hours of talk. This approach focuses more on the here and now experience in the body, following the organic process of healing innate within all of us. We naturally move toward wholeness and health when given the right support. Through this body-centered experience, one can achieve a greater sense of integration, sensation, expression and strength in and through the body.

A body-centered approach is also key in resolving trauma that gets locked away in the recesses of the tissues and neural pathways in the brain and nervous system. By accessing traumatic memories or experiences through the body, resolution is deeper and more permanent. Approaching these memories through the body the body is allowed to tell the story of the experience, sequencing frozen or stuck impulses, and releasing held emotion and fear.

Somatic Archaeology™

My-Body-My-Earth-logoSomatic Archaeology is a process of reacquainting with the vast terrain of the somatic territory. As we understand and unwind the artifacts of our past, we can move more consciously and fully into life. Somatic Archaeology is the therapeutic practice of unearthing the history of your body and your lineage through mindful attention to the sensations that we often overlook as chronic. In this practice, we use the signposts of body sensation as portals into your biography, excavating, piecing together and reconciling the stories of your life, your ancestral lineage and your spiritual lineage. my-body-earth-practice-somatic-archaeology-ruby-gibson-paperback-cover-art-150x150Through the reconciliation of these memories in your body, pain can be released, fragmented pieces of the psyche and spirit integrated and brought forward into present time, and your body can again be the ground, the earth, for your sacred soul walk. I have studied deeply with Ruby Gibson since 1999 (and have also assisted in the teaching of her classes) and have been graciously impressed with her medicine ways: understanding the cycles of the earth, the medicine wheel and the sacred place of shamanic practices and earth-centered principles in the healing process.

Check out Ruby Gibson’s very useful book: My Body, My Earth: The Practice of Somatic Archaeology

Essential Oils

youngliving_lavender_farmI have been incorporating the use of essential oils into my work as long as I have been doing bodywork. I find them to be an essential component of accessing, moving and releasing emotional memory from the cellular level and the nervous system. Because of the proximity of the olfactory nerve (the nerve that registers smell) to the emotional center of the brain (the amygdala), essential oils can activate and uncover deep seated emotional patterns. Additionally, therapeutic grade essential oils are also therapeutic on a vibrational medicine, just as sound or light. The vibration of the oil can assist your bodymind in coming into resonance and therefore a higher vibration, releasing those things hanging out on a dense and outdated level.

I choose to use the high quality therapeutic grade organic essential oils made by Young Living. These oils are grown and distilled in accordance with the AFNOR and the ISO standards, a European standard that identifies essential oils suitable for therapeutic use. Please learn more at

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