Kaiut Yoga is an effective therapeutic yoga practice, accessible to every body. A wonderful and effective way to take your work with Megan to a deeper level in your body. Kaiut Yoga addresses the chronic patterns of restriction and rigidity that accumulate over time from accidents, injuries, and the aging process. It is a method routed in the deep wisdom of Yoga in its truest sense: to cultivate a state presence that yolks the body mind and spirit. This method was developed by Francisco Kaiut for the modern aging body and gently, simply, and effectively works with the tension patterns in the body to relieve stress and even chronic accumulation of tension.

Beginning May 1st, 2018 Megan will be teaching at Raj Yoga + Meditation Studio at 28th & Glenwood

at 1:45 on Tuesday and Thursday

for more information on Megan’s teaching schedule, please send an email purplemountainmeg@gmail.com

Read Megan’s Kaiut Yoga Blog.

For more information about Megan’s teaching schedule, contact Megan at purplemountainmeg@gmail.com

Heart-Centered Meditation

In this practice we cultivate a direct

relationship with the wisdom and

intelligence of the heart-center.

Through this relationship, naturally,

balance and wellbeing are restored

in body, mind, heart and soul.

~ all are welcome ~
Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:30
**check Heart Centered Meditation page for current dates**
suggested offering $10-$15


with Megan and Omar Zubaedi
*check Riding the Winter Dragon page for more information*

Come join us and explore the Sacred Essence of Winter.  This time when the deep wellsprings within are nourished and restored, when the unfolding patterns of our coming year can be so clearly illuminated.

Through dance, meditation, art and community council we will immerse ourselves in the particular potencies of the winter season, our innate vitality and our deep soul impulses.  Together we harvest the fruits of the journey, orienting to the tasks and opportunities ahead.

The Dragon is the magical essence of an embodied, soul-filled life.  Heaven and earth united.  Moving through us this beloved presence is sheer vitality, resilience and creativity.  Come dance with your Winter Dragon!

*This workshop is for anyone looking for a soul-centered, heart-rich, body-rich rejuvenation and/or call into action. It is for change makers, healers, organic mamas and papas, conscientious entrepreneurs, irreverent engineers, educators, visionaries and activists of all stripes.   


Being Human :: We All Do It

3 hour experiential conversation on the nature of Being HumanYou were made, perfectly, to live the life before you.
So . . . how’s that going?~.~                                            JOIN US! We will:                                           ~.~
  • explore the possibility that we have everything we need for our lives to unfold in beauty and health
  • discover that we are perfectly endowed with a unique, inherent guidance system to navigate this journey of life
  • experience our lives, and Being Human, as a genuine pleasure
  • come to know that our grief, despair, isolation and confusion are shared human experiences, which, when recognized, makes what is real more liveable
 Through Heart-Centered meditation, conversation, and teachings on the basics of our human nature
(how we are organized biologically, emotionally, neurologica
lly and magnificently) we will connect with ourselves and get to know who we are, as we are.
*this offering is an appetizer, for a larger offering: Being Human 101



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