The Cranial Wave and The Healing Field

Learn how to come into relationship with the Cranial Wave and the  Healing Field


Facilitated by

Megan Eggers Zubaedi www.meganeggers.com


With emphasis on the most subtle and profound rhythm of the bodymind and energetic attunement to the field that you create as a practitioner, this class is designed to help you come into a more centered and effective place when working with clients. Your clients will thank you. With so much stimulation in the world, providing the opportunity to recalibrate to our own innate rhythms is a gift.

In this class you will experience directly and learn how to contact the Cranial Sacral rhythm, the deepest rhythm of the body.  And you will awaken to how you naturally support the energetic field that facilitates relaxation and healing. Megan will offer basic instruction on the anatomy and physiology of the cranial sacral system and basic principles that support you to align with the healing field within. Therapeutically, this connection is a profound way to gently and simply facilitate healing and regeneration on a cellular level.

Megan has been a healing arts practitioner for 15 years and has taught extensively on the cranial sacral system, as well as meditation and transformational workshops.

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*photo from National Geographic

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