KAIUT YOGA ~Yoga for Every Body~

Megan comes to Kaiut Yoga through the door of the healing arts. A yoga student for decades, it is the healer of me that got so engaged by Kaiut Yoga. When first introduced, I instinctively recognized how the method unlocks the body’s natural intelligence and reconnects us with our ability to heal, recondition and regenerate. I have been amazed to see how, over time, my Kaiut Yoga practice restructures my body in a gentle and significant way, even in the most deeply held injuries. I am honored to bring the practice to you. As a Cranial Sacral practitioner, Body-Energy Worker, and Counselor, I offer the Kaiut Yoga practice with a refined sensitivity and a real understanding of the benefits. I am devoted to holding a space of love  and acceptance, where the natural integration of body, mind, heart and soul can occur.

Beginning May 1st, 2018 Megan will be teaching at Raj Yoga + Meditation Studio at 28th & Glenwood

at 1:45 on Tuesday and Thursday

for more information on Megan’s teaching schedule, please send an email purplemountainmeg@gmail.com

Read Megan’s Kaiut Yoga Blog.

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