KAIUT YOGA ~Yoga for Every Body~

Megan comes to Kaiut Yoga through the door of the healing arts. A yoga student for decades, it is the healer of me that got so engaged by Kaiut Yoga. When first introduced, I instinctively recognized how the method unlocks the body’s natural intelligence and reconnects us with our ability to heal, recondition and regenerate. I have been amazed to see how, over time, my Kaiut Yoga practice restructures my body in a gentle and significant way, even in the most deeply held injuries. I am honored to bring the practice to you. As a Cranial Sacral practitioner, Body-Energy Worker, and Counselor, I offer the Kaiut Yoga practice with a refined sensitivity and a real understanding of the benefits. I am devoted to holding a space of love  and acceptance, where the natural integration of body, mind, heart and soul can occur.

Megan has resigned from her position at the Yoga Loft and is presently looking for a new place to teach.

for more information on Megan’s teaching schedule, please send an email purplemountainmeg@gmail.com

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