Riding the Winter Dragon

Come join us and explore the Sacred Essence of Winter.  This time when the deep wellsprings within are nourished and restored, when the unfolding patterns of our coming year can be so clearly illuminated.

Through dance, meditation, art and community council we will immerse ourselves in the particular potencies of the winter season, our innate vitality and our deep soul impulses.  Together we harvest the fruits of the journey, orienting to the tasks and opportunities ahead.

The Dragon is the magical essence of an embodied, soul-filled life.  Heaven and earth united.  Moving through us this beloved presence is sheer vitality, resilience and creativity.  Come dance with your Winter Dragon!

*This workshop is for anyone looking for a soul-centered, heart-rich, body-rich rejuvenation and/or call into action. It is for change makers, healers, organic mamas and papas, conscientious entrepreneurs, irreverent engineers, educators, visionaries and activists of all stripes.  

Megan Eggers Zubaedi is an Energy Worker, Cranial Sacral and Somatic Therapist and Teacher of over fourteen years.  Omar Farouk Zubaedi is a Rites of Passage Facilitator, Teacher and Master Craftsman/Carpenter of similar duration.

Megan and Omar are deeply given to the positive and successful evolution of humanity in this great time of change. We love blue sky mountain days, long walks in the forest, jaw dropping grooves, dancing our asses off, snuggling   with our cats, sharing life with our two amazing teenagers and tea together in the morning. We look forward to spending the weekend with you.


– To register please contact –

Omar at ozubaedi@gmail.com   720.587.7127

Megan at purplemountainmeg@yahoo.com   303.570.2033


For more information:    www.meganeggers.com





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